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Look no further

Myron and his team are phenomenal. I was having difficulty with a different lender, I contacted Myron and his team, they took over the process, noticed the error, fixed it and we closed within 2 weeks. They are thorough, fast, communicative, and all around pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Myron and his team for your next home purchase.

Carl K

Carl K

Myron is the best

Myron and his team at PrimeLending are amazing. From start to finish, the process went smooth as silk. Myron was my personal contact throughout the process, and was always immediately responsive to inquiries.

Jan B

Jan B

Wonderful people to work with.

Wonderful people to work with. Responsive, always in touch.

Lory J

Lory J

PrimeLending recently assisted me purchase

PrimeLending recently assisted me purchase my very first home. I was really amazed with how they helped buying a home relatively easy when i was a little scared about it before hand. They always responded within a timely matter to any emails or phone calls and made the whole process run rather smoothly. The staff, my personal loan officer, and assistant were very courteous as well. I would strongly recommend this agency to who may be looking for a loan. Thank you very much PrimeLending.

Keith B

Keith B


Myron is dialed in…he’s our go to lender for Scottsdale homes and investments…tell’em the boys from Dwellings sent you…cheers!

Michael R

Michael R

A great team

This is the second time we have used Myron and team. They are fast, courteous and professional. I highly recommend them.

Robert B

Robert B

Myron and His Team Are Excellent

This was the second time I worked with Myron Chamberlain and his team from Primelending. The first was a home purchase and this time a refinance, both times their team was excellent. They are very knowledgeable and give fast and friendly service. I would highly recommend Myron and his Primelending team to anyone looking for a mortgage or refinance.

Cheryl B

Cheryl B

I have worked with Myron

I have worked with Myron and PrimeLending more than once. Myron and PL are honest, trustworthy, very kind, and most importantly, they keep their word and promises, unlike many other lenders out there – I promise you that.

PrimeLending’s closing costs were lower than LoanDepot, and Quicken Loans to name a few, the difference, however, was not just a few dollars, the actual delta was in the “thousands”, I was quoted $14,000 from Loan Depot and Quicken; with PrimeLending? Less than a third; what else can I say? Thank you PrimeLending, and thank you, Myron.

Claudio F

Claudio F

I’ve closed multiple loans with

I’ve closed multiple loans with Myron and his team at Team Chamberlain. Most recently we closed on an investment property in less than 30 days after making our offer. Myron and his team communicate throughout the proceess via e-mail, text, and phone calls to make sure that everything is being handled. I look forward to working with Team Chamberlain on my next investment property.

Robert G

Robert G

Myron was exceptional in providing

Myron was exceptional in providing lending services. I was buying 3 places and doing a 1031. Myron was prompt, diligent and creative. He was informative with the Arizona guidelines for rentals properties. He was prompt in all his communications with all the parties involved. I would absolutely recommend he to friends and family.

Josephine P

Josephine P

Awesome Service

Myron was a referral from our Real Estate Agent and I am more than thrilled with his services!

Myron and his Team Loan Originator, Shaylee, always kept us up-to-date on our loan status and were always very receipt to our inquiries, whether by email or phone. Myron went the extra mile to clear up an item of concern on our Appraisal, thus saving us money and making sure we closed on time!

I have had several home loans throughout the years and I can honestly say this was the best experience!

I highly recommend Myron and his Team!! :O)

Regina A

Regina A

He and his team were

He and his team were very knowledgeable, fast, and responsive! He was fantastic at anticipating possible roadblocks and staying ahead of the process! He made home buying stress-free!

Mary C

Mary C

Great experience

My husband and I had the most positive experience refinancing our home with Myron Chamberlain and team. We would absolutely highly recommend Myron for any type of home loan. Thank you soooo very much. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!

Pamela K

Pamela K

Great Job Yet Again!

Myron and his team are by far the best in the industry. They kept us informed throughout the entire process and closed on time. They are knowledgeable, professional, and committed to going above and beyond for their clients. They will always be our first choice!

Faressa D

Faressa D

Myron and Shaylee are the best in the business

Myron and Shaylee are undoubtedly the best in the mortgage business. My loan ended up being a loan that was throwing us curves from the get go. They jumped through every hoop with me, they stayed on top of everything, stayed in touch with me and I always had a response the same day I reached out to them. No other lender would have been able to close my loan. They know the business, they do what it takes to work with you and get you approved and funded. I signed, funded and recorded all in one day. That’s unheard of. Myron and his team should receive an award for getting my loan to close. As long as I remain in Arizona they will be the only mortgage broker I will use.

Jada W

Jada W

Made our new home loan so easy!

The Prime Lending Team was very responsive, knowledgeable and carried us through the entire process. Timely on every step of the way from start to closing right on time. Myron and Kathy were wonderful to work with!

David & Christina B

David & Christina B

Wonderful to Work With!

I recently went through a refi and it was amazing how quickly and smoothly the process went. Whenever there was a glitch it was on my end and Mr. Chamberlain and his associates directed me on how to get it corrected. This was a pleasure and I am grateful for both the assistance and the money I will now save. God bless!

Karen W

Karen W

Myron is amazing!

Myron and team made my re-financing so simple! I felt like a priority, and the whole process went super smooth and quickly.

William U

William U

Myron and his team were

Myron and his team were wonderful to work with for our refinance process! He and his team were always available to answer any questions and thoroughly explain the process in a way we could easily understand.

Aubrey S

Aubrey S

Another amazing experience with Myron and the PrimeLending team!

When talking my family and friends about current mortgage rates, then making the decision to refi, my first and only thought was to connect directly with Myron, and of course, it was the best decision that I could have made!

I worked with Myron on my initial home loan in 2019, and was so happy with the experience that I knew he would be my one and only stop!

Myron took the time to work with me as a consultant, provide options that made sense given my current situation.
He and the team worked quickly to move forward and stayed in very close contact with me as the process took its course.

I am thrilled with the outcome and would recommend Myron and Prime Lending to all of my friends and family.

Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis for your clients!

Merrili H

Merrili H

I would like to thank

I would like to thank the entire team at PrimeLending for my family’s 1st home purchase. Easy communication with Paul and Myron. I was Kept in the loop on progress. Questions / concerns addressed quickly. Details/ Summary provided as needed. People were friendly & professional. Process was explained so I could understand.

Thanks again. You Guys are the Best!

Erick and Danielle H

Erick H

Myron and team

Myron and team have been fantastic. They were prompt, courteous, professional and accurate. The whole process was quick, painless and completed on time. Myron, Paul, everyone over there, was great through the whole thing.

Bryan L

Bryan L

New Home Owner

Just a quick thank you to Myron Chamberlain and the whole team at Prime Lending. This is the second time using this team to get a Mortgage and both times they made it easy, simple and stress free. Also to close in such quick order during a pandemic. Thanks for the early morning work you put in as well.

Todd V

Todd V

I wanted some time to

I wanted some time to share my experience with Prime Lending under the direction of Myron Chamberlain. First let me say that buying a new home can be stressful and I have purchase several over the years and remember the pain points of each. Today’s real estate market it is even worse. Once you have your agent and start your research you need to be Pre-Qualified to bid on homes. Following that you need speed and accuracy to close the deal. A mortgage company is essential to completing the transaction. For me, one of the bright spots has been working with Myron and his team. His people are knowledgeable, friendly, get back to you and are available. I was blown away with one of his loan originators, Shaylee who always delivered and never ran out of patience. Myron and group have answered every question, always providing a clear understanding which has enabled me to make best case decisions. His organization uses clear and easy technology, provides frequent updates and easy to use document upload sites. They also answer the questions you forgot to ask. What a breeze the process was, and I am so grateful that they were there for me. Talk to them and you will see for yourself!

Steve B

Steve Be

Thank you! Thank you, Myron

Thank you! Thank you, Myron and Paul!
As this was my first time doing a home re-fi by myself, I truly appreciated your knowledge, patience and virtual hand-holding! I was also so impressed with how easily and quickly the process moved. I will recommend PrimeLending to everyone!
With sincerity and gratitude,

Amy A

Amy A


Kathy Graf and her team were AMAZING! Kathy went above and beyond what was expected. There were obstacles that were challenging but she overcame them without a problem and saved us a lot of money on our mortgage. Thank you Kathy. You are the BEST

Jeff J

jeff j

Myron was great to work

Myron was great to work with. He was personal, professional, responsive, and always had our best interest in mind to be competitive yet protected throughout our home purchase.

Jason P

Jason P

great lending experience!

Myron and team are absolutely great! They are knowledgeable, responsive, timely and most important, extremely competitive with their product offering. I’ve worked with Myron on 3 deals now and will be doing so in the future!

Travis A

Travis A

I worked with Myron and

I worked with Myron and his team on a home loan based on the recommendation of my realtor. They were amazing, professional, and friendly! They were accessible on the weekends which was so important during this crazy housing market right now. They had the option to get us closed quickly to make our offer stronger. Overall, It was such a smooth process. They took time to make recommendations that ultimately resulted in the best fit loan for us. We are so happy that we went with them.

Ayesha B

Ayesha B

Tremendous customer service

Everyone from Myron and Paul treated us like we were their only client and helped us relax all the way thru the process. I have 3 clients of mine that are contacting Paul and the team to process their mortgages and I will truly thank them for letting us enjoy our dream of owning our dream home. Thanks again Brian

Brian B

Brian B

I was very skeptical about

I was very skeptical about purchasing a home since the prices have increased so much. Myron was so patient with answering all of my questions, and providing examples and numbers to help me feel comfortable in my decisions. He made the whole experience easy!

Sarah M

Sarah M

Extremely helpful and reachable

Myron helped me along with the process as a first time homebuyer. He answered all the questions I had and was always available when I needed anything. Grateful for people like him through this process!

Benjamin N

Benjamin N

Great Working Experience.. Highly recommended!!

Myron and his team are professionals who bestow awesome experience to their clients. They were very organized and provided frequent updates of what’s going on so that you don’t feel in dark. Their forecasted closure fee came very close to actual closing number, so no surprises which was good.

Highly recommended!!



Myron and his team

Myron and his team just helped us refinance our home. Everything was handled expertly without a hitch. He is most excellent to work with!

Chris & BJ C

Christopher and BJ Cole

Return customer

As a return customer, Myron and his team continue to make me proud to be a client. They’re all responsive, knowledgeable, friendly and respectful. I have and will continue to recommend Myron and his team to my friends and family when the need arises.

Mortgage refinancing and or acquisition can be nerve racking and sometimes difficult, HOWEVER, working with this team totally alleviate those uneasy feelings. They truly are the best in the business.

Thank you All again…..Myron, Shaylee and Denise😊😊😊👍👍👍

Giacomo P

Giacomo P

I have now worked with

I have now worked with Myron and Paul on three mortgages, they have made it simple to navigate and educational.
Thank You

John M

John McManus
Consulting Respurces

The excellent team

Myron and his team are excellent, knowledgeable, and helpful in the whole loan process. Every time I have a question I got answer within minutes. They made whole refinancing process so easy and efficient. I will recommend them to my friends and family.

Shaherbano A


Myron and his team are

Myron and his team are the best in the business. I cannot recommend him enough!

Jeff C

Jeff C

#1 in the business

We obtained our initial home loan with Prime Lending. We just recently completed our second re-fi with Myron and Kathy. They are the best! Very professional, knowledgeable, efficient and great to work with!!
Our son is currently in the process of refinancing with them.
I recommend them to anyone looking for lending needs.

Scott B

Scott B

Great rate and excellent service!

I was referred to Myron and gave him a call. From start to finish Myron was very professional and provided great rates and options for my re-fi. His website is very easy to navigate and it was simple to upload secure documents. The most important thing to me was his sense of urgency responding to my needs and keeping me informed along the way. I highly recommend Myron and for your lending needs.

Jim M

Jim M

Great Team!

We recently did a refinance on our home mortgage. It was such a pleasure working with Myron and his team. All of our questions were answered quickly. Our loan processed smoothly with no issues. The whole team is very professional and extremely pleasant to work with. We would definitely recommend Myron and his team at PrimeLending for your new home loan or refinancing.

Cathryn S

Cathryn S

A+ Lending Services! Highly recommended

Myron and team made it extremely easy to apply and process my loan. He is attentive to all questions and respond quickly while following up when needed to keep me on track to close. He was referred to me by my folks that also used him for their retirement home. Both of us were out of state, never met in person, all was completed by phone, email and all docs were secured in the system. There were No requests to send private info unsecured. Easy process and amazing results, closed on time in 30 days! I highly recommend his services!!

Dene J

Dene J

Myron Chamberlain helped us refinance

Myron Chamberlain helped us refinance our home to get extra money to build a pool. It was a very easy process. I felt secure and safe in providing information to Myron’s company. Thanks for helping us

Jennifer C

Jennifer C

I had the pleasure

I had the pleasure of working with Myron and Team Chamberlain on multiple refinances and would certainly work with them again in the future. Their proactive communication and willingness to make the process easy is what differentiates them from all the other lenders I have worked with. Thank you Myron and Team for making it easy to do business with you.

Walt V

Walt V

Myron and his team are amazing!

Dan and I highly recommend PrimeLending with Myron and Team Chamberlain. We had exceptional support, constant communication and updates, and the loan process was smooth and without any problems. He worked hard to lock us into a low interest rate. We were visiting family through part of the process and Myron and his team were so helpful. This is the second house we have purchased through Myron, and he really helped us in our goal to move into our dream home!

Dan and Nori Z

Dan Z

The whole lending team really

The whole lending team really went the extra mile to make the process easy to understand. Due to all their hard, work my wife and I were able to focus on our dream home instead of just worrying about all the paperwork. I would definitely recommend Prime Lending!

Jeremy H

Jeremy H

Myron and Kathy did a

Myron and Kathy did a fantastic job on the refinance of our home. I would recommend them to anyone who desires hard working agents who are responsive to the needs of their clients. None of my questions went unanswered and the process was very smooth, even in these difficult times.

James B

James B

Testimonial for Myron Chamberlain

Mr. Myron Chamberlain helped me getting a loan to buy a property. He is extremely diligent, professional, communicative,knowledgeable, results oriented, hard working and obtains secure loans with best interest rates.
Chamberlain team made the process so great that I am more than happy to recommend them.I rate them 5/5 Stars.

Ahmed S

Ahmed S

Myron Was nothing short of

Myron Was nothing short of perfect..
A pure pleasure to work with
Excellent job
And painless
Many thanks

James E

James E

Myron and his team

Myron and his team made buying my first home a great experience. From the start I felt appreciated, like i had someone on my side. Communication was always there and my questions were always answered right away.

Thanks Myron!

Jonathon M

Jonathon M

Re: Smooooooth and Fast!

Thanks Myron for a super smooth, easy and quick turnaround home loan. Your communication is stellar! Making the process so streamlined made it easy for me. We’re thrilled it closed so quickly!

Gia V

Gia V

Loan Review

From the beginning Team Chamberlain was efficient, proactive to all my needs and detailed about the requirements for the process. The whole process was done with outstanding diligence and leadership. So glad to have been a part of this process with them to back all of my actions and making sure they were done at the right time and in the correct order.
My thanks to Team Chamberlain, with special mentions to Myron and Paul for all their help in my being able to accomplish my goal.
I would not hesitate to recommend them; I certainly will be thankful for them.

Edgar E

Edgar E

Excellent experience with Myron, Paul,

Excellent experience with Myron, Paul, and the team. They were able to coordinate our loan and even accommodate our moved up closing date on very short notice. Would highly recommend!

Josh H

Josh H

Seamless and pleasant process.

I am new to Arizona, coming from frigid New England, and very fortunate that the realtor with whom I toured my new home recommended Myron Chamberlain with Prime Lending. Prime actually offered a lower interest rate than Bank of America, which has been my bank for over forty years. He was very patient with my many texted questions, always available, replied immediately, and was knowledgeable reassuring. The process was easy and seamless for me during a time which could easily have been distressing and for that I am very grateful.

Paula N

Paula N

Refinance experience

Purchasing or refinancing a home is most certainly a monumental task involving many legal and monetary challenges to ultimately, please the homeowner(s). The staff at Primelending, whether it be Shaylee Nichols in prompting my wife or myself to sign a particular document, or arranging necessary financial records collection from us to eventually merit our capability in qualifying for our new mortgage was critical. Myron Chamberlain, the loan originator, was the catalyst for initiating this process. After discussing several options, we were able to agree upon a financially favorable plan that was suitable for my wife and myself.

Overall, a home purchasing or refinancing can be a daunting and intimidating event. The staff at Primelending assisted us greatly (especially during this exceedingly difficult time with the global pandemic), and both my wife and myself are testimonials toward their excellence and professionalism in “Home Loans Made Simple.”

Richard L

Richard L

Smooth Transaction in a Challenging Environment

We have worked with Myron for several years and we have successfully executed on 5-6 transactions (acquisition and refinances) with Myron’s help. Myron and his team recently stepped up once again in helping us acquire a property (our largest acquisition to date). Given the loan amount and the challenging environment pertaining to Jumbo mortgages it took some extra work and inventiveness to get us to the finish line. When all was said and done we closed on time and almost exactly at the original budget (down payment) provided by Myron at the start of the transaction. We would not do business with any other mortgage professional and have recommended Myron to friends and family. Thank you to Myron and his outstanding team (special mention to Paul Burgis, who handled most of the day-to-day interactions during the approval/closing process).

Markus H

Markus H

Excellent Loan Officer

My wife and I used Myron for our loan. We moved from the east coast to AZ all without seeing our home or Myron. We did everything over the phone and it couldn’t have gone smoother. We have had worse encounters when we were dealing face to face with people. I can’t recommend Myron and staff enough.

Robert B

Robert B

Myron Chamberlain group

I will recommend PrimeLending. The Myron Chamberlain team is great! They are all patient..Also they are always willing to help you in understanding the process from start to finish

Prinscilla C

Prinscilla C

I don’t think I would trust any other team in Phoenix.

As a first-time homebuyer there was plenty I didn’t know. Kathy went above and beyond to patiently and enthusiastically answer all of my questions and guided me through the process. She was always looking out for my best interests and was never too busy for me. I felt like I was Team Chamberlain’s best and only customer whenever we spoke. Thank you for making my first home purchase experience way better than I could have imagined. Keep up the amazing work over there!

David M

David M

Working with Myron and his

Working with Myron and his Team was a great experience. They provided prompt, professional and courteous service. I feel they went the extra mile for me especially since I was an out of town purchaser. Their attention to detail made the exciting purchase of my new home seamless!

Cynthia B

Cynthia B

Great Experience with Prime Lending and Myron

Myron and his team made this entire process so easy for us! He is a great communicator, keeping us posted every step of the way. Their systems are also very helpful, with regular updates on where you’re at in the process. We would use them again and again. Thank you so much for all your help… we can’t wait to move into our new home!

Brian D

Brian D

Myron and his team are

Myron and his team are the best. He is as knowledgeable as they come and provides great customer service. I would highly recommend them to any of my family and friends.

Jeff C

Jeff C

I have never been treated

I have never been treated with such respect and all my expectations were exceeded with Prime Lending. You should feel very lucky to have Paul as an employee, he was like a magician and helped me get an amazing house. He always did what he said what he was going to do and he still exceeded all my expectations. I’m not sure how he could keep all these details together and I’m sure he works on other accounts at the same time, so I just want you to know I am thoroughly impressed with Paul and your company!!

Lisa H

Lisa H

I’m a first-time homebuyer, and

I’m a first-time home buyer, and Prime came highly recommended by my realtor and a co-worker. From the very start, Myron and his team’s communication was on-point…and it stayed that way. My questions were answered promptly and completely each time we interacted, and the team worked overtime to ensure that my documents were ready on-time. I truly couldn’t have chosen a better team to help me make this very important decision and huge investment. Thank you many times over, Prime!

Steven F

Steven F

Wonderful Experience!

Myron, Janele and The Chamberlain Team went out of their way to get us the best rate possible. They provided incredible customer service, following through with everything they said they would do. They were all extremely patient with us as first time home buyers, and exhibited great attention to detail with each step. We are grateful for such a positive experience from start to finish and would highly recommend Myron, as it is very clear from working with him that he is a person of great integrity, sincerity and follow through, you will not regret it.

Lacey W

Lacey W

Loved working with Myron and the Team

We had such a great experience working with Myron and his team. Home buying is a complex process, but Myron’s ability to keep things clear and simple was such a benefit. If you’re looking for a home loan, go with Myron.

Drew S

Drew S

3rd time of excellent experience with Myron and his team!!

Last month I refi a mortgage I took with Primelending.

Once again the experience I had with Myron and Kathy was extraordinary…looking forward for the 4th project to work with them-well done guys!!


Hillel W

This was our fifth home

This was our fifth home purchase and one of the best experiences we had from initial application to closing. Myron and his team always communicated effectively and were very prompt in responding to my inquiries.

Eight days before the closing I experienced a personal issue that could have impacted my loan. Myron was very professional and sympathetic to our situation. He was able to provide me solutions that led to the successful closing on our home.

When I purchase my next home or refinance, Myron Chamberlain will be my first call!

Ronald P

Ronald P

Another Great Experience

Another great experience working with Myron and Paul. They communicated quickly and efficiently and made sure we understood every step of the process. All our questions and concerns were addressed in a timely fashion. We would highly recommend PrimeLending!

Chris H

Chris H

Recent transaction

This has been the second time we have had PrimeLending manage our home purchase transaction. I have to say the first initial purchase was so easy. The people were always available for questions and were super fast in completing the work needed. In October, we took advantage of the VA Refinance program to lower our interest rate. This was even smoother that the original purchase. Great team, super responsive and so nice!. We would highly recommend PrimeLending to anyone that wants a worry free home purchase transaction!

Ted S

Ted Skillen

Fast and easy

Myron and his team made our refinancing transition as quick and painless as ever! Couldn’t believe how helpful they were through the entire process. Anyone we communicated with during our refinancing was extremely helpful, professional, and friendly. We would definitely recommend someone to work with them in the future.

Ben H

Ben H

Wonderful Home Buying Experience

This was my second time financing a home, but my first time working with Myron and Paul at PrimeLending. I must say that it was much easier than the first time I went through this process with a different lender. Both Myron and Paul quickly responded to any questions either myself or my realtor had, they were accurate with all the paperwork, and made the process smooth. I also felt like they were both extremely honest and trustworthy. As an example, a small clerical error was made on some paperwork involving the rate lock – I never would’ve noticed it. But they brought it to my attention and corrected it at their own expense. Ideally, my wife and I will be in this house for many years; but if I ever need to finance another property, it will certainly be through Myron and Paul.

Tyler K

Tyler K

Simply the Best

Thanks to Myron, Janale and the team for making this process so fluid and easy. We appreciate the subject matter expertise, your quick follow up, and integrity to make sure we were taken care of!

Melanie S


4 Loans and Counting

This is my fourth loan, 3 in the last three months with PrimeLending and it has been smooth sailing from beginning to end. It’s been a pleasure working with Paul Burgis each and every time. He is outstanding and thorough with the processing of every loan. Looking forward to my future investments with the help of PrimeLending.

Javier A

Javier A

Best lender in the State

Primelending got my loan closed on time and could have closed much sooner but we had to accommodate the sellers. Smoothest transaction ever. Myron is the best! He was on top of things throughout the transaction and provided updates throughout without having to be asked. He is on top of things. He is willing to answer questions and was available even after hours when I needed him. He is compassionate, caring and reliable. Just an all around good person! You can trust Myron with all of your loan needs whether you are refinancing or need a new loan, Myron is the best!

Alicia C

Alicia C

Janale and Myron have helped

Janale and Myron have helped me with both a purchase and a refi. They are nothing short of amazing, they make the entire process easy and stress free! They are honest, upfront and take care of every last detail to make the entire process extremely smooth. I will use only this team for any of my mortgage needs!

Katy L

Katy L

Great financial partner

I cannot say enough about Myron Chamberlain to express my gratitude for his assisting me and my family with providing financing for our past and present homes.

I would highly recommend Myron to all me friends and family

Phillip R

Phillip R

Prime Lending is awesome!

We have worked with Myron and Janale on two loans and they are simply the best. Streamlined process with low stress. We very much appreciate their attention to detail and consistent communication throughout the process. I would highly recommend the Prime Lending team to anyone looking to purchase a home or refinance. Thank you!

Michele H

Michele H

I would highly recommend Myron

I would highly recommend Myron Chamberlain for any and all of your financial needs. He was professional, patient, and always purposeful in getting my loan completed. His level of care and attention to my needs was incredible! He made the entire loan application and process painless and brief. It was always a pleasure to speak with Mr. Chamberlain as he always had good advice and was willing to share. Thank you so much – and everyone else in your group who helped – for helping me finance my home!

Karen W

Karen W

Rental Property Purchase

This was my second loan i have obtained via PrimeLending and once again it was great. I dealt with Paul Burgis, who is a professional with a lot of knowhow to get through the entire process from beginning to end. Small incidents that did come up were dealt with great efficiency. It has been great dealing with an experienced and professional group and i look forward to continue a long term business relationship.

Javier A

Javier A

I highly recommend

I highly recommend working with Myron. We worked with Paul and Myron when purchasing our first home, and they were absolutely wonderful throughout the process! Very down to earth and knowledgeable. They were readily available for any questions or concerns. Most importantly they always made us feel more at ease as buying a home was completely new territory for us!

Rebecca S

Rebecca S

Excellent Service

From the first phone call with Myron to the last call with Janale, we couldn’t be happier with PrimeLending for our new home purchase. They both provided great service; were very timely and efficient every step of the way. We will definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Dawn B

Dawn B

Great Communication and Loan Process

Myron and his team was extremely helpful in finding the right loan for my wife and I. I’m self employed and looked at several other loan companies, but no one worked harder than Myron and Kathy to get it across the line. Besides a great loan, the communication was outstanding. I highly recommend Myron/PrimeLending for all your mortgage needs.

Gene P

Gene P

Thank you Myron Chamberlain and team

Thank you for an amazing experience with my home purchase. You and your team are so easy to work with. You provide the utmost customer service and demonstrate knowledge, and professionalism always.

I have and will continue to brag about your company and my perfect experience.

Thank you again

Giacomo P

Giacomo P

Thank you Janale Larson and Myron Chamberlain

I just wanted to let everyone know that this is my second time utilizing the services of PrimeLending for my mortgage needs. As a return customer, my second experience surpassed my first. Myron and Janale are amazing at what they do. Their customer service, knowledge and response time is amazing.

I felt like we all worked as a team to get what needed to be done. We laughed, we thought, and we succeeded.

Me as a customer ask lots of questions and never did I feel like I was an annoyance to either of them ever.

I will continue to spread the word about this amazing team.

Thank you both for everything AGAIN!

Theodore C

Theodore C

Available and Professional

Myron was available and highly professional. Keeping me posted on status and what to expect. The process was smooth, fast and efficient. Highly recommend Myron for any transaction.

Desiree P

A great office team to

A great office team to work with. We bought and closed on our winter home in 30 days. The office is very efficient.. If we didn’t understand something, the office was more than willing to help us. A great experience for us. We appreciate them.

Larry K

Myron was awesome.

We were without a home with Christmas coming. He got us closed and in a home before Christmas.. Santa was happy.. Great job Myron..Would recommend this team to anyone needing financing.

William P

William P

Excellent Customer Service!Prime Lending from

Excellent Customer Service!

Prime Lending from Redding to Scottsdale has been incredible. Sabrina, Janale and Kimberly have shared guidance through their knowledge and expertise and has once again closed another loan and even early! WE are most thankful for Prime Lending in our real estate transactions.

Debi B

Debi B

We worked with Myron Chamberlain

We worked with Myron Chamberlain at prime lending. He did a very professional job with our loan. He made things flow smooth and easy. I’d use him or recommend him next time.

Mike M

Mike M

Myron Chamberlain and his team

Myron Chamberlain and his team are the very best of the best! Every transaction with them (whether personal or professional) is seamless and smooth from start to finish and their communication is top notch. Thank you for always taking such good care of us and our clients!

Amanda C

Amanda C

I worked with Myron and

I worked with Myron and his team in the past but our last transaction was the best. With the deal almost off due to inability to secure the loan (at the moment I was working with lender from California) few days prior to closing I contacted Myron to see if he would be able to do a miracle and he said yes. We all acted quickly and sure enough, Team Chamberlain pulled it off, funded the loan in a week which to me at the moment sounded impossible. My clients bought their condo still having hard time believing it that it happened. Many thanks to Myron and his entire team, my choice for my future transactions.

Zelimir S

Zelimir S

Working with PrimeLending the process

Working with PrimeLending the process was easy at every stage, from pre-approval through underwriting. The time frame for closing was very short, but never felt rushed. We had never worked with PrimeLending before, but we have taken or re-financed a number of mortgages over the years. Our experience with PrimeLending was the definitely the best.

Martin C

Martin C

Refinance loan

Myron, your team is great! Made our refinance loan so easy. Thank you all so much!

David M

David M

Team Chamberlain Can Work Miracles!

Myron and his team truly worked a miracle for us! They helped us secure a purchase/renovation loan to buy a bank-owned, beat-down property in another state from an auction site which was only offering the house as a cash-only sale. As if that were not enough hurdles, we did not have a Realtor to help us so Myron and his team stepped up and filled that role as well. They provided literally the very best customer service that I have ever experienced – EVER. Their customer service was like eating at a super fancy restaurant, but better and for buying a house. Crazy good!!! Long story short: impossible buy + great customer service = Team Chamberlain. I wish we had Myron when we bought our first house, and if I had to do this one all over again I would not change one thing.

If you don’t use Myron as your mortgage guy then you are missing the boat.

Sven M

Sven M

I am very pleased to

I am very pleased to have done business with Myron Chamberlain. He answered all my questions quickly and even helped me on weekends. I will definitely refer him to friends and family.

Angelica P

Angélica P

Amazing Team

Truly cannot express enough how grateful I am to have worked with Myron Chamberlain and his team. When I decided I was ready to own my own place I knew it was going to take some work. Not having a great credit score and going through the FHA process was a huge obstacle to overcome, but Myron and his team were with me each step of the way. Friendly, consistent, responsive, very communicative and always ready to answer questions. Myron made me feel comfortable and confident through the whole process. I am extremely thankful for the work and dedication Myron and his team provided. Thank you all!

Jennifer B

Jennifer B

Great Service

Kathy and Myron provided us with great service, our loan was not a clean sweep as we had some issues to resolve with the sale of our old home and the buyer of it to qualify for this loan. Through their hard work everything closed on time for our new home. They handled each hiccup with a smile and the attitude we can get this done, and they did. They brought a calmness to our nervous bodies things were in control. Thank you both

Tod S

Myron Chamberlain was exceptional

Myron Chamberlain was exceptional, especially in the early stage of purchasing our home. He explained the different ways to approach a home loan. He was very patient and we appreciated his help and knowledge. During the loan process, Paul Burgess was extremely informative every step of the way. We never had to worry about what was happening and the progress of the loan and its paperwork. He answered the phone nearly every time we called and if he didn’t we got a text as to when he would be free to speak to us.
We would highly recommend Prime Lending in your purchase of a home!

Greg and Lori P

Lorraine P

Top Notch Service!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Myron and his team on multiple transactions now. Their communication, professionalism and service is top notch and I know that every time I send them a client they will go above and beyond to try and help in any way that they can. I’ve enjoyed working with them so much that my husband and I used them for an investment purchase. The process was smooth from start to finish. They have my business now and in the future! Highly recommend giving them a try!!

Mallory D

Mallory D

Dream team

Team Chamberlain was a dream team with helping us complete everything to buy our house. They were efficient in getting us all of the information we needed and prompt in answering our questions. I couldn’t ask for better help than what Myron and his team gave. They truly went out of their way to help us in ways that saved us so much money! Kathy was especially helpful in this respect. She was willing to walk us through the process when we we needed extra help. I’ll definitely recommend Team Chamberlain to friends and family.

Kim Z

Fast, Courteous and Professional!

Always a pleasure dealing with the Chamberlain team! Myron and Janale are pro’s and they help make a often times cumbersome process smooth and relatively pain free.This is probably the 5th deal they have assisted me with and I will be back again soon.

Joseph A

Joseph A

Fast and Efficient

I worked mostly with Paul and Myron during my loan process. I had been with another lender then switched and very glad that happened. They worked very diligently to make sure our loan closed on time. I have told everyone I know how I am impressed with the efficiency of their team. Highly recommend!

Amanda N

Professional and Personal

Myron and his team were a delight to work with! Since day one, we felt like part of their family. He walked us through every aspect of the process, answered all our questions (sometimes the same questions more than once!), and ensured we were comfortable at every step. Myron was always available to take our calls or our texts. As issues popped up, Myron quickly jumped on them and ensured we were at ease. Such a great experience! This is the first time we used Myron, but it won’t be the last.

Rebecca A

Team Chamberlain is by far

Team Chamberlain is by far the most professional and efficient team I have worked with. From start to finish the team members kept in close contact and always returned my calls quickly. The team members are knowledgeable and take time to address any question or concern. Highly recommend this team for the novice homebuyer as they walked me through every step.

Thanks to all the team members.

Jean U

Jean U

Breath of Fresh Air

Myron and his team were absolutely fantastic. They know what they are doing and now what they are looking at when you send them tax returns etc….as a small business owner I tried working with another lender who had so many questions it became clear they did not know what they were doing so when I was introduced to Myron and team it was a real breath of fresh air.

Daniel E

Fantastic experience!

Fantastic experience! Myron was professional, attentive, informed, and proactive… I cannot think of enough adjectives to describe how great this experience was. We had many challenges buying a home (due to realtor/seller issues) but Myron was always spot on with the entire lending process. My wife and I do expect a lot and he sure delivered. I fully recommend Myron and Prime Lending for anyone’s home purchase.

Mark L

Mark L

Closed in 30 days

Myron and Janale were a great team and very helpful throughout the entire home buying process. They were patient about explaining each step of the loan process. Myron worked with us to improve our credit score to lower our interest rate. During the last week Janale was wonderful and returned my frantic phone calls even though she was not actually supposed to be working. I still can’t believe we made it through all the hurdles and closed in 30 days! Thank you Myron and Janale!


Great experience

We worked with Myron & Paul in obtaining our FHA Loan and our situation really threw some hurdles their way. They made the process so smooth and we closed on the exact date we needed to before our lease was up! Would recommend PrimeLending to everyone!

Dana R

It was a pleasure having

It was a pleasure having Myron help us get a loan for our home. It had been nearly 10 years since the last home we bought, and so much had changed that we didn’t understand at first. But Myron was attentive, supportive, and helped educate us through the whole process. We are so grateful to have had him help us.

Kathryn L

Myron and Paul were a

Myron and Paul were a pleasure to work with and very professional during the entire loan process. They were very responsive to our questions, timely updates along the way and were able to help us close 7 days earlier. They are an amazing team an we highly recommend them!!!

Thank you again,
Roger and Kimberly

Myron Chamberlain is a Rockstar

I’ve been using Myron since I purchased my first home and have used him multiple times over the years. Myron and his team always exceed expectations and communicate often and respond quickly. Additionally, as a real estate professional I strongly recommend using Myron if you want to have confidence that the lender on the transaction will get the job done within the timeline.

Bryan S

First time buyer

Being a first time home buyer can have even the strongest person filled with nerves and anxiety. Myron and his team were all amazing through the process. They showed compassion and everyone was very thorough. Everything was explained in terms that I could understand. They never made me feel shy asking questions that I thought maybe silly. For me the process was actually pretty easy and they delivered ahead of schedule. Highly recommend this team!!!!


Myron at his best

There are a thousand words to describe how committed Myron is and what he does. I called Myron over a year ago on what I can do the get myself prepared on buying a home and he gave me all of the advice and believe it I came back to him when I was ready. Even when he was out of town he made sure he put me in touch with his other twin Paul. In a short form, he is the best in not getting you gray if you need the best. Both kept me up to date and explained in context what I needed before and after. I would highly highly recommend👍🏿👍🏿👌. Thanks with all my heart 💜.



Very Satisfied Family

We were referred to Myron after having a bad experience with obtaining financing. Myron and his team fixed our problem and successfully walked us through and secured us financing on our home. Very polite, professional and accurate all through the loan application process. We highly recommend Myron.

Hyacinth & Deborah

Just closed on a mortgage;

Just closed on a mortgage; my second within the last 12 months, working with Myron Chamberlain. He provided excellent service in both cases.

When a financing need arises in the future, I’ll be calling him.

Jaren H

Jaren H

Fantastic team and adventure

This is the second time I work with Myron and Paul and I experienced the dedicated service and excellent advices again! Thank you so much “A” team!!!you are the best in the area!!!

Hillel W

Hillel W

Questions and concerns quickly addressed

Buying a home has been by far the most stressful and rewarding experience we have ever done, but I could not imagine doing this with anyone else. This team has been the best. I never felt alone. In this process, they made me feel like family. If we had any questions or concerns, they were quickly addressed. They always made us feel good about the decisions we made, and walked us through every step. This has been a lifelong dream to become a home owner and this team helped is to achieve just that. I cannot thank you guys enough. I would recommend this team to anyone wanting to live the dream of home ownership. They will help you get there…

Hector and Kim S

Efficient and timely

Myron and staff where very efficient and timely with all aspects of the loan process. It was a very easy and smooth process. We highly recommend Myron and will contact him in the future for any additional loan information or a new mortgage.

Patrick R

Patrick R

Extremely easy to work with

I cannot recommend Myron highly enough. At all times, he was professional, knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. I closed on my house faster than I even thought possible. I liked him so much, I recommended him to a family member.


Extraordinary Experience

I had an extraordinary experience with Myron and his team. My interstate move from a suburb of Chicago, to Scottsdale was also contingent upon the sale of my home. The entire process was virtually effortless on my part. Kathy demonstrated her tremendous business acumen by coordinating everyone involved; including both realtors and the title companies. The entire process from beginning to closing day was seamless!


On time

Myron and Paul were unbelievable in their delivery on getting our loan closed. It’s obvious that this team has experience on delivering the best results in a timely fashion! Our situation had many moving pieces and the team was able to come through on time!


Myron and Paul were unbelievable

Myron and Paul were unbelievable in their delivery on getting our loan closed. It’s obvious that this team has experience on delivering the best results in a timely fashion! Our situation had many moving pieces and the team was able to come through on time!

Tyler W

Tyler W

Happy homeowners

Relocating from Europe to the US for work is though and a lot of things need to be done. One of them was finding and buying a home for us to live in. We took care of finding the home we loved and Myron and the people at PrimeLending helped us take care of the buying part. We are very grateful for their diligent work and the rapid pace at which they managed to arrange everything for us, making sure we could move into our home as soon as possible. We could not be happier with their professionalism and the expertise they showed in guiding us through the loan process.

Delphine L

Delphine L

Myron did a great job

Myron did a great job handling the loan for my home. He is extremely knowledgeable and follow’s through on his work. We closed right on schedule.

Fred M

Fred M

Highly recommend !

We started with 2 different lenders for our pre-approval and it quickly became clear that Myron Chamberlain was the only one we needed to work with. He was extremely professional, punctual and most of all honest and trustworthy. He and PrimeLending were fantastic all the way through the process. Highly recommend.

Erik K

Erik K

Myron Chamberlain is the best!

I had the Best experience working with Myron this November/December of 2017. Myron worked very diligently and quickly to finalize the paperwork needed to close in record time. He and his team are definitely the best.

Dave B

Great experience!

Myron and Janale from PrimeLending were fantastic to work with when we purchased our new home. Janale was professional and courteous and promptly answered any questions we had along the way.

Shirley R

They made the entire process much easier than I ever expected

Buying a new home is always stressful and difficult however, PrimeLending made the entire process so much more tolerable. Their staff is professional, friendly, patient and very good at what they do. I so much appreciate all their hard work and would definitely recommend them.

Heidi 12/11/2017

Heidi McNeil-Bentzq

One of the best experiences

One of the best experiences of my adult life. Myron and his team are true professionals and minimized the process for me. I can’t say enough about the staff in regards to guiding me through the process and ensuring my expectations were met. I was on a short time line and the Prime Lending team were able accommodate my purchase.

Thanks Myron and Janale.



Extremely Pleased

We are extremely pleased with Myron and Paul from Prime Lending! Our refinance was seamless and exceeded our expectations. The proactive communication from both Myron and Paul took out all of the guess work in the process. We will definitely use PrimeLending again.

James C

Vacation home purchase

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the magnificent way that my loan was handled. Myron Chamberlain and the Prime Lending team were very professional and dedicated to seeing that every aspect of our loan was expedited to meet our deadlines. I can’t thank you enough for assisting us with this transaction. I highly recommend and would use this team again for our next home purchase.

Respectfully submitted

Phillip R

Phillip Ramos

Thank you Myron! You, indeed, have an “A” team that knows how to execute. You and your team do not hesitated to think or take action outside the box or outside their R&R to support your customer. Please covey my thanks to your team.


Thank you, Myron, for your exceptional service!

Working with Myron Chamberlain at Prime Lending is the best possible experience a mortgage seeker can have. His professionalism, integrity and service are exceptional. Myron found the best options for my mortgage at an excellent rate and exceeded my expectations in updates and timely communication throughout the entire process. I could not have asked for a better experience or outcome. Thank you, Myron!

John Q

John Q

First home buyer

Was referred to Myron by a colleague whom had nothing but good things to say. I found out first hand just how helpful and knowledgeable Myron and his team were. This was my first home buying experience, and Myron not only educated me, but did so patiently and diligently. They even got my credit score raised 40pts in a week!

Satisfied customer

Easy to work with

I was referred to Myron at PrimeLending from a real estate agent and I am extremely happy that I was. I spoke with someone else first and was very turned off by his/her attitude so Myron was a breath of fresh air. Myron and his team were extremely flexible and understanding when I had questions and requests. They are very thorough and guide you through the process. Definitely recommend!

James K

Great Experience!

Five stars to Myron and his team! We were impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and efficiency of Prime Lending. Thanks for making the process seamless and easy!

Lorraine D

Myron and his team were

Myron and his team were fantastic. By the time my offer was accepted my house closed in 3 weeks. Myron also guided me in my search and some other things I didn’t think of. Will work with again and send referals!

Chad K

Provide “what if” scenarios

Our realtor referred us to Myron & PrimeLending and we would never use anyone else. His attention to detail, willingness to answer ALL of our questions (and provide “what if” scenarios) is second to none. He makes it easy to do business with him.

Close on time

I use Myron for my personal deals and also refer him to clients. He has great follow thru and does what he says. He is one of the few lenders I have worked with that gets deals to close on time. I will continue to use him on future deals.

Carson E

Great team

Thanks to Myron and his team of professionals (Janale) for their assistance in helping us secure our recent VA loan. Their professionalism and quality workmanship was greatly appreciated and helped us complete the process in a timely efficient manner. We were certainly pleased as the interest rate came in lower than originally quoted. If securing financing is the name of the game, have the best team on your side. Myron Chamberlain at Prime Lending!

Wayne and Barbara B

Interested in me

Both Myron Chamberlain and Paul Burgis were great to work with….both knowledgeable and interested in me as a client/customer.

Donald B

Stress free

My loan process with PrimeLending was stress free. The people I worked with (Paul Burgis and Myron) were very informative. If I ever had a question one of them was always available to help me. They were nice and never seemed overwhelmed or frustrated if I couldn’t find a document. They made this process as smooth as it could be for me. Paul Burgis was amazing and extremely professional. He kept me updated and helped me every step of the way. I am so thankful for all the hard work Paul and Myron put in to make my dream come true. I will be telling everyone I know about Primelending and the amazing employees they have in their office.

Valerie S

Professional and very knowledgeable

Our real estate agent suggested Myron at PrimeLending and that was the best decision we made. The process was painless and very efficient. The whole team was excellent and kept us informed every step of the way

Cathy 6-1-2017

PrimeLending was amazing

PrimeLending was amazing. Myron and Janale were amazing. I would definitely use them again. They were very thorough and kept me informed through the whole process.

Satisfied Client

Very Positive experience

The best part of the experience was working with Myron and his team. The process was seamless, easy, fun and as painless as it could be. And, it happened so fast.

Satisfied Client

Excellent Experience

My husband and I used Myron and his team at Prime Lending for the purchase of our first home and they were very professional and kept us informed every step of the way. They were willing to go above and beyond to make sure we understood what was happening throughout the entire process.

Nicole N


We highly recommend Myron Chamberlain

We highly recommend Myron Chamberlain of Prime Lending. He was very efficient and all his work was high quality. He made the process of buying our home a pleasure. We would highly recommend Myron and his company..

Kathy H.


Kathy H

I wish there were 6 stars…

Myron is the best! Worked well with us where we were at, unbiased info, and instantaneous response. We did not use Myron ONLY because our new construction company paid closing costs. His rate was better and better customer service! I’ll be back if we refi!!

Josh M

Josh M

Painless and Easy

There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderfully easy and enjoyable it was to work with Myron Chamberlain. He made my first time home buying experience painless and easy. I was blown away by his work ethic, communication and overall knowledge. We will hands down be using him again in the future.


Easy to Recommend When Speaking from Experience

Been referring Myron to real estate clients for while but when it came time for my wife and I to buy a home, he and his team proved to be top notch. Always available for questions, consistent status updates, and closed on time. Thanks to Myron, Paul, and the team

Michael D

Myron & Paul, I appreciate

Myron & Paul, I appreciate very much the effort you put in to help me get qualified and close my loan on the purchase of my new home in Phoenix, AZ. Both of you put together the extra time and effort to help me fully close on my new home in three and a half weeks. Great effort and execution on your part! I will definitely consider Prime Lending in the future in refinancing my current home or upgrading to a bigger house. Regards,

Joey C

Myron made my first home buying so easy!

Myron and his team (props to you too Paul!) made the process of buying my first home so incredibly easy! His communication was excellent, and he kept me up to date through the entire process. They have the paperwork so streamlined, I spent minimal time filling out forms, most of which was done electronically. Myron (and Paul) gave me a closing date, and they kept it. They made sure that I was moving into my new home on the weekend he promised! Dealing with Myron and his team makes me wish I’d have done this years ago. I would recommend Myron, Paul, and Primelending to anyone looking for a lender. Thanks guys! Your professional and personalized service put me in the home of my dreams!

Chris M

Chris Marcum

“Piece of cake”

I remember my first call to Myron when he promised me that he will be able to arrange me the loan within Max 45 days-he said “no problem-a piece of cake for me”and it was really like that!!-Myron and Paul made the process to be so easy,relaxed,organized and gave me the feeling that I had the best team in town to lead me for closing day. It was closed to my full satisfaction within the tight timetable I originally planned! Warm recommendation on Myron and Paul!!!

Hillel W

Hillel W

Excellent communicator. Kept all stake

Excellent communicator. Kept all stake holder aware of every step of the way. Knows his job. he makes loan process look easy by guiding me through ever step clearly and to its depth. Myron is passionate about his work. His passion to his job makes you comfortable working with him. Integrity. He makes sure process is followed with no compliance compromise the first time.



No stress

This is my second time having Myron as my lender, and I will use him again if I need. Myron is awesome at what he does, and he does a great job of taking the stress out of the process; he makes it very easy. He and the rest of his colleagues at PrimeLending take care of you.

Jim K

Myron has been top notch

Myron has been top notch each of the three times I’ve worked with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Kent V

Kent V

Great Help and Guidance

We had a great experience working with Myron and team. They led us through all the details and kept us to speed on everything during the process, even going out of their way at certain points to make sure the process went smoothly. Buying our first house was certainly made easier by working with Myron and team. Thanks for all their hard work!

Tyler F

Tyler F

Great help and knowledge every step of the way!

Myron and Paul were terrific to work with during the closing process of my recent home purchase. I am a detail-oriented person who asks tons of questions and Paul was ever-patient with me during my buying process. The follow-through and feedback along the way was second to none, and I couldn’t be happier with the service. I was recommended by my trusted realtor and know that I will definitely use Prime Lending again if the need should arise. Thank you!

Kathleen C

Kathleen C

Forever home made possible!

I am very satisfied with the service that this lender provided me as a first time home buyer. I was referred by my realtor and I was put on a fast track to owning my forever home. Approximately 30 days to close.

Christine F

Above and Beyond!

Myron and his team did a fantastic job. I really felt they went above and beyond to ensure I understood what was going on with my loan and kept everything moving forward. What a difference from my 1st home buying experience with a different lender, which was not a good experience. I would definitely recommend them and will do so to family and friends.

Monica R


Extremely hands on

Myron has been serving our family starting with our daughter, he helped her refinance her home and put her at ease throughout the process! He recently helped us buy a home in Pine, AZ when the selling agent tried to increase the sales price through some strange maneuvering he called the agent and got the price back to the original price. He was definitely a home saver.

Ernie G

More than Expected

Myron handled the loan for the purchase of our new home in Phoenix. The sale of our home in Las Vegas was a problem due to the buyers real estate team. They set three closing dates but were unable to meet the first two. This meant that Myron had to constantly change dates and re-do paperwork to keep our loan afloat. He did a fantastic job of that and we literally closed on the Phoenix house hours after the Las Vegas sale finally recorded. Highly recommend Myron and Prime Lending for your real estate needs.

John E

John E

A Job Well Done!

Myron Chamberlain at PrimeLending was such a pleasure to work with for our recent home loan! Myron was always available to assist us in whatever way we needed. He responded to every one of our requests in a prompt manner! I was expecting a good experience with the recommendation that I had received prior to meeting him. He actually blew away my expectations though! Myron made what I thought would be a dreadful experience so easy! Hats off to PrimeLending for a JOB WELL DONE!

Michael L

Michael L

Great advice!

I got a loan through Myron for our first house a few months ago. Even though the house is in CA, Myron was great at knowing all the ins and outs, working with our realtor and the sellers to close the loan, not to mention educating us on what we needed to know. He also gave great advice from the perspective of what was in our personal interest as opposed to his own.

Mesbah A

PrimeLending, leading the pack!

Myron is one of the best. Timely, thorough and always looking out for his clients. His keen insights and knowledge allowed us to participate in programs we didn’t even know existed. With his guidance, we were able to qualify and close on our dream home. Even when hurdles came up he didn’t miss a beat, knew exactly what we needed to do and made it happen. Thank you Myron and team for making our dreams a reality!

Josh H


I highly recommend Myron for

I highly recommend Myron for his exceptional services. I’ve had good experiences with lenders in the past, but Myron far exceeded my expectations. He was proactive throughout the whole process, so we were always ahead of schedule. He provided timely updates to all parties involved throughout our congruent house buying and selling process.

Hans H

Hans H

Warm Welcome

Myron and his associate, Paul Burgis, assisted in making my cross-country relocation as warm as Arizona’s scenic climate. Thanks to you both for personable, constantly informative, and efficient service.

Toby J

Toby J

Closed purchase loan

Myron and Paul helped my family when few other lending companies were willing to find solutions to some past issues. I honestly believe we had success only because of Myron’s team of experts. We are only in a new home because of them. Efforts like these speak volumes for this amazing team that makes dreams come true. We have our castle back, Thank you so much!!!

Satisfied client

Seamless and efficient

Myron and Janale are my ultimate lending dream team. They are both incredibly professional and knowledgeable (Myron is a financial genius). I was completely clueless about the whole home loan process, Myron and Janale made sure I understood every detail. They always had all of my documents ready on time, made sure I took care of everything that I needed to…they basically held my hand from beginning to end by providing all the information I needed to make the best decisions. They are very experienced, wonderful to work with, and honestly the only people I would trust with something as important as buying a home. The entire process was seamless and efficient.

When I first thought of trying to buy a home I thought there was no way possible that it could happen. Here it is a month later and I’m writing this review from the comfort of my very own home! It is all because of Myron and Janale’s hard work and due diligence.

Satisfied client

Closed in 2 weeks

When we put an offer in on our home we had three others who made cash offers and could close in 2 weeks. Myron assured us he could get our loan closed in time to compete with the cash buyers. I was skeptical, but he did it and we closed on time. In addition, I felt we still got great personal attention and Myron even called to check in on me after a particularly difficult day of getting all the documents in to him. He always returned my phone calls, emails and texts promptly. If he wasn’t available he would have his assistant contact me until he was able. We are very happy with Myron and are using him for a second home we are purchasing for our daughter. Thanks Myron for a great experience!

Satisfied client

Great Company

Was referred to this lender from a realtor and am glad he did. It was a unique situation as we were buying the home we were renting from the owners. Paul Burgis got a hold of me, and after a brief conversation as to what I wanted, he went to work. In most home buying experiences, there is always a stress factor(s) that come into play, or lack of response from a lender. Not with PrimeLending. The process was stress free, yes, I said stress free. My wife and I just sat back and let them go to work for us. Paul kept us in the loop via emails or phone calls and in 30 days, we closed on our home with all of our needs met as discussed in the very beginning. I am so thankful for Paul and the team at PrimeLending for their help and professionalism, and would highly recommend their company to anyone looking at buying a home. These guys are the real deal. Thanks!

Steven G


Myron made the process very

Myron made the process very easy. He was always easy to get a hold of. Answered all my questions. He made this very intimidating process very easy. Thank you and Janale for all your help.

Wendy S

Wendy S

Myron is Great to Work With

Myron made the whole process easy. Whenever we had questions or concerns he would respond in a timely manner. We would highly recommend Myron to ease your lending concerns.

Joe B

Joe B

Easy to work with

I have worked with Myron and Paul on 3 loans now. They are so easy to work with and really help you understand the whole process. They keep you updated every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone!

Satisfied client

We just completed a re-fi

We just completed a re-fi loan thru Prime Lending handled by Myron Chamberlain, We are very satisfied by the expeditious and professional manner in which the transaction was completed. We would gladly recommend Myron to any of our friends.

Lou F

Eugene F. Fife

As a Real Estate Broker

As a Real Estate Broker I’ve chosen Myron as one of my preferred lenders for my clients. He is also the lender that I have used personally 3 times to purchase/refinance homes. Myron and his team are organized and professional.

Sue I


Susan I

Ready on time

Great to work with him. Everything was ready on time . He was quick to respond to any of my questions. He did my pre approval quickly and with the loan he got all the paperwork done on time and the closing was done with no issues.



Outstanding job

Myron did an outstanding job in helping us, a retired couple, to wade through the complexities of obtaining a mortgage for our new home in AZ. I heartily recommend him. Loan closed on time, despite my error in funding escrow, fees were actually lower than estimated, and lender responded to any inquiries in a few hours.

Bill 2-19-2016

Hard to find the perfect words

Hard to find the perfect words to describe how I feel about Myron Chamberlain. My client for 7 years, my friend, and now my Loan Originator. He held my hand throughout, was confident and cared about my feelings and fears and frustrations. The escrow closed on time, of course….I tell everyone about Myron Chamberlain and have for years and continue to sing his praises. Fine young man with a brilliant future.


Sheryl T.  2-19-2016


Myron did a great job guiding us through the intricacies of obtaining a mortgage for our new home in Verrado. He is thorough and helpful. I highly recommend his services.

William S



William S

A painless process

Myron is an amazing person as well as a finance wiz. He definitely made the home buying experience a painless process. Thanks Myron.

Dale C



Best lender ever worked with

Working with Myron was a pleasure. He listened and was understanding of our circumstances and worked diligently to provide us with an excellent package. He paid attention to details and was very thorough and prompt. He closed the loan right on time. He is the best lender we have ever worked with.


John A


Solution driven

I have very pleasant experience to get loans from Myron and Paul. They are very solution driven. They provide loans with the lowest cost and highest quality of service. They have 50 states license. I have purchased several rental properties with them. Highly recommend Myron and Paul to you.



Positive experience

Working with Myron was such a positive experience. He helped us with all our needs and answered all of our questions along the way. We highly recommend him!

Claude A


Claude A

This is the ONLY group worth working with when buying a house!!!

Both Myron and Paul at PrimeLending in Scottsdale were so amazing to work with on our home purchase. They were very, very knowledgeable and professional, and treated our whole family with genuine kindness and respect – we felt almost like family! If we had questions or concerns they were always available to listen and help! We never felt in the dark on anything because they always emailed basic updates and called to inform and explain details. Thanks for everything!!!

Matthew D


Smooth and enjoyable

We have gone through 3 home purchases and 2 refinances, and this has, BY FAR, been the smoothest and most enjoyable one.

Lorin M


I have had the privilege

I have had the privilege to work closely with Myron and his team on two deals on my property. I must admit, the quality of the service, communication and courtesy was unparalleled. I have never seen a Mortgage company close any deals in less than four weeks timeframe. PrimeLending was able to close mine in less than three trouble-free. I enthusiastically recommend Myron, his team and PrimeLending’s services. Superb experience!!

Claudio F


Claudio F

Amazing service

Myron and staff were a Godsend! They listened to me and my situation and found the PERFECT mortgage option for me. They all were very professional and thorough.

Kristi C


Kristi C

Excellent in all aspects

I had contacted my agent in 2014, a whole year before even looking at houses. He recommended Paul Burgis for this. I got in touch with him during the summer and explained my situation. He advised me and guided me on this whole process up until I received my keys in 2015. Overall, he and Myron have been excellent in all aspects. I cannot express my gratitude enough to these two.

Satisfied client



Myron was very patient with me.

Satisfied client



Excellent process and people

Excellent process and people from start to finish. Would highly recommend PrimeLending to my friends.

Satisfied client


On schedule

As expected – good communication and completed on schedule.

Satisfied client


Extremely professional

Extremely professional. Able to work with the customer on things such as meeting location, times, and dates. Also very well education on the lending world and at breaking it down and explaining it in layman’s terms.

Satisfied client


Helpful and available

I enjoyed working with PrimeLending. I had previously started the home buying process with another lender and found them to be condescending and unavailable. Working with Myron I found just the opposite. He was always helpful and available, even on weekends! As a first-time home buyer, I had a lot of questions that I’m sure seemed obvious, but Myron patiently answered each of my questions thoroughly.

Satisfied customer



Compared to previous home purchases, I was surprised at how smoothly it went.

Satisfied customer


Myron is the absolute best

Myron is the absolute best in getting the job done. I have used him for several years on both primary and investment loans. I’ve been very satisfied and wouldn’t use anybody else!!

Greg P


Gregory P

Nothing but a positive experience

Nothing but a positive experience with PrimeLending and Myron’s team. From start to finish he made sure I understood my options and what was happening. Initial meeting was after normal business hours but was never rushed. The only thing rushed was the process and we closed within 22 days saving me some money.

Paul M


Myron went above and beyond

Myron went above and beyond to help me purchase my first home! I would use his services again and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home loan.

Jared L



Jared L

Team Chamberlain is the BEST!

We highly recommend Myron and his team at PrimeLending. They treat you like family and as if your loan is the only one they have to work on until it gets closed. Myron is a very trustworthy and knowledgeable professional who is always available – he worked quickly, on a Saturday, to help us get our offer submitted on a home we could instantly picture ourselves living in. We can’t thank you enough for making our first home buying experience so efficient and worry-free!

Stephanie & Ian H.


Stephanie & Ian H.

Awesome job!

They worked with me from Summer 2014 up until I got keys in hand for my first house in September 2015. Very helpful, informative, responsive. 10 out of 10.

Oscar P



Oscar P

In the past I have

In the past I have worked with Myron Chamberlain on a professional basis. When it came time to chose a lender for my personal home purchase I went with the best. I’ve referred him to my clients and now I can say with first hand knowledge he handled my file with complete ease and excellent knowledge of all the available programs to current buyers as well as in a quick manner. We were ready to close a week early! He took the stress out of the whole process! I highly recommend Myron and Prime Lending.


Hope K


Hope K
Quality Realty

Quick close

Quick close


Debbie C



Debbie C

An Outstanding Loan Experience

Myron Chamberlain and his team at PrimeLending epitomize the best in customer service. From the time you first walk in the door to the day the loan is funded, they have a knack to make the whole process appear as being calm and effortless. In my case it was as easy as bringing in some bank statements, tax returns, etc. and then just sit back and watch it all happen via e-mail status reports and a few phone call updates. There were no forms to fill out; the process was very simple and stress free. I would strongly recommend Myron Chamberlain as a loan originator.

Dale 8/21/2015


Myron Chamberlain and his staff are a first class group in handling loan details. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody. Particularly, I liked the prompt “Loan Status Report” that kept me informed of my loan status. All his staff were efficient, cooperative and courteous and presented themselves in a very professional manner.

William W.


Smooth Refinance Process

Myron was accessible and helpful through every step of our refinance process. He described each of our options in detail, worked around our hectic schedules, and still closed on time. When we had a question on the closing documents, he even worked through the issues over the phone while he was on vacation!

Michael D


Professional, knowledgeable, and available…

Myron and Janale made our loan application process so pleasant. They were both available for questions and responded in a timely manner. We closed on time and would reccomend Myron to anyone. He is a pleasure to work with…many thanks,

Kevin & Leah 7-3-2015

Full Net Enterprises

Big THANKS to Myron and

Big THANKS to Myron and the PrimeLending Team for helping me purchase my first house. You made the process easy and I felt confident that you looked at all of the options available and choose the best one for me. You were always available for any questions. Your time and expertise was much appreciated!

Cari 7/17/2015

TAG Employer Services

“The best in the business”

We closed on a VA refinance (with cash to consolidate debt) within 30 days of application with Myron at PrimeLending. The whole process went smoothly and was easy, thanks to Myron and his team. Even though I had never met Myron, he quickly earned our trust and we felt like we were dealing with an old friend. He and his team have great customer service skills, keeping us informed regularly throughout the process and confident that we were in good hands. As the person (a realtor/broker) said who recommended Myron to us: “He is the best in the business.”

Michael 6-24-2015


Myron Chamberlain is the best!

Myron assisted us with our mortgage and it was totally hassle free! His professionalism and responsiveness made it an easy process. Thank you!!

Monica 6-17-2015


Myron Is Fantastic!

Working with Myron was very awesome! I was not initially qualified for a loan, but he helped me with a few simple steps to increase my credit score and qualify for my loan. Would definitely recommend Myron for anyone looking for a loan!

Kevin 6-3-2015

Kevin S


This was my first time buying a home. I thought it would be extremely difficult (which normally it would be) but the people at prime lending (Myron, Janelle) were so helpful that i felt less stressed and completely comfortable. Working with them felt like working with my family. They made every process so easy and straightforward and in all honesty, i have never felt well taken care off by a company.

nkemdirim 5-21-2015

nkemdirim 5-21-2015

Smooth and no hassle

Myron was very professional and friendly with our current home loan. It was a major investment for my wife and I and he made the loan process smooth and no hassle. He also gave us more than one option for a loan which is the reason I would recommend him to anyone I know looking for a home loan or to refi. Thanks Myron!

slang31  4/27/2015

Myron was a great pleasure

Myron was a great pleasure to work with. He was professional, calm and gave me multiple options on my loan. I would recommend Myron to all of my friends and family. Thanks Myron!

Matt 4/23/2015

Matt 4/23/2015

Exceeded my expectations

I have owned nine homes flipped nine more plus 4 commercial projects, needless to say this was not my first rodeo, what did turn out to be a first was working with someone that exceeded my expectations, no games, very knowledgeable, a total communication champion. If your looking for that type of effort combined with honesty look no more turn to Myron Chamberlain I will again Thanks

Jeff M 4/1/2015

Complicated VA refi

Myron guided us through a complicated VA cashout refinance loan. He was always patient and quick to get back to us and helped us organize the immense amount of supporting documentation that was required to close the loan. I would highly recommend Myron for a smooth, easy lending experience 🙂

cowania 4/6/2015


Made things easy

Myron provided the best experience and service any one could expect when going through a stressful event like buying a new home, and I can attest he and his staff did a great job and thank you for that! I can say that Myron and his staff made things easy for me and were very patient and understanding with me when I did not understand or was not clear on something. I highly recommend using Myron and his staff for your lending needs

Jeff 4/3/2015

Great Experience

Myron Chamberlain just helped us with the purchase of a new home and we were very impressed by his expertise and level of service. He was responsive from the first point of contact and throughout the entire process. The application procedure was convenient and comprehensive. He took the time to understand our circumstances and suggested options based on our needs. Communication and updates from Myron and his team were provided regularly and any questions we had were quickly addressed. We would happily work with Myron and PrimeLending again.

Janet 4/1/2015


Nothing but good to say

I have nothing but good things to say about the quality work you have provided during the process of me buying a house in Scottsdale, Arizona plus the great support I have received from you and PrimeLending. Prime Lending lived up to its very good reputation.

Kind Regards, Robert

Smooth and easy process

Myron and his team at PrimeLending made what I thought was going to be a difficult attempt at refinancing into a very smooth and easy process. They were always available to answer my questions and really made me feel comfortable with the whole process. I would absolutely recommend them.

Mallory 3-4-2015

Competitive, Proactive, Straight-Forward, and Always Available

Myron and the PrimeLending team were consummate professionals throughout the entire loan process. They were always available when I needed them and provided timely answers to my deluge of questions. Myron took the time to go through every detail of my loan to make sure I was comfortable with all charges and the entire lending process in general. My loan closed quickly with little effort on my part. In comparing PrimeLending to other lenders, their rates and closing costs were competitive. I was very satisfied with the entire process and would definitely recommend Myron and PrimeLending to anyone thinking about obtaining a loan.

2/16/2015 Matt

He treats you like family

Myron did an excellent job of for us when we purchased a house in 2012. He then performed that same excellent service for us when we wanted to refi that house. Shortly after that we decided we wanted a different house so Myron along with his fellow work force did the paper work that resulted in the house we just moved into. The paper work has always been completed no problems. At every opportunity I let people know that Myron and Primelending is the way to go for getting a mortgage or doing a refi. Working with Myron has always been an enjoyable experience and he treats you like family.

rockingw9 1/23/2015

Don’t make the mistake of calling anyone else!!!

Myron is the BEST!!! The process of being pre-approved for a VA loan is often long and painful. Especially when you’ve been thru a short-sale less than 2 years previously, like me & my husband. Myron made the dreaded loan process the best and easiest part of buying our new house. He not only helped us quickly put together the necessary forms, got us pre-approved, but also closed our loan within 30 days. We now feel like he is a family member! Don’t make the mistake of calling anyone else!!!




Hard things easy

He is very helpful with big heart to answer any question at any circumstance and work hard to make the hard things easy, thank you Myron I’m very happy to work with you.

1/1/2015 raam

professionalism, experience and knowledge

Myron and Paul at Prime Lending made our dreams come true! Our credit history (due to a short sale in 2009) was a challenge, but Paul and Myron not only showed us respect and compassion, but also strategically walked us through the underwriting process, foreseeing any complications in the application process. They addressed and documented all areas of concern prior to the underwriting process so that our approval was a breeze. Thank you, Myron and Paul, for your professionalism, experience and knowledge!

12/29/2014 cressandjenn

“Regular Communication”

Myron Chamberlain just helped us with the purchase of a new home and we were very impressed by his expertise and level of service. He was responsive from the first point of contact and throughout the entire process. The application procedure was convenient and comprehensive. He took the time to understand our circumstances and suggested options based on our needs. Communication and updates from Myron and his team were provided regularly and any questions we had were quickly addressed. We would happily work with Myron and PrimeLending again.

Janet 11-21-14

So Fast…..

This fellow will get you a loan so fast you will wonder if something is wrong. Nope, it is on the level. It went very smooth all the way through the whole process, he sent an update email almost every day. He walked us through the VA loan process in less than three weeks. Friends of mine took over three months to do that. It is nice to do business with people like Myron, he just gets things done.

Ed G. 10-23-14


I found Myron Chamberlain through an online rating system for mortgage companies, he was the top mortgage officer. He wanted to go to someone who could close as I was doing a VA loan. Sure enough, Myron made good on his word and reputation. Looked shaky for a little bit: appraisal came in low, other issues, but Myron kicked it in high gear! Needless to say he made it happen and we closed on time and it turned out to be a great deal! Myron and his team start work at 5:00 am and work late to make sure people can buy their home. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about closing on time to go to PrimeLending and Myron Chamberlain!!


David 10/2/2014

“As Promised”

I have used Myron and his team at Prime Lending twice. Each time was a seamless, organized, and “as promised” experience. I would highly recommend Myron and Prime Lending to anyone considering a home purchase or refinance.

Howard G. 9-10

Very Knowledgeable – Claudia V. 9/4/14

Myron is not only knowledgeable, but he is incredibly patient, professional and detailed. He truly listened to our needs and his time was greatly appreciated.


Claudia V. 9/4/14

The Best!

Over the years we’ve had the need to deal with a few lending institutions in order to acquire real property. We’ve had a variety of experience through these dealings and have met and been exposed to a number of loan originators, processors and agents during the process. In my recent purchase of a condo I utilized the financial services of Myron Chamberlain at Prime Lending to accomplish this goal.  I’d never worked with Myron Chamberlain or Prime Lending before and right from the beginning I was impressed with his approach and customer service. Myron is very professional, capable, knowledgeable, and has a great ability to coordinate and communicate effectively, which is critical when processing a loan. One of the most impressive qualities and talents Myron possesses is his organization skills. He is extremely organized in his approach, process and methods to execute a loan. From start to finish Myron had everything organized and presented lending procedures in a professional yet simplified manner. Myron kept everyone involved in the transaction regularly informed and updated as to where we were on the timeline of events to close my loan on time.  If I ever have the need for any future lending services I will defiantly be contacting Myron Chamberlain at Prime Lending to accomplish such purchases. I will also be referring any family, friends and associates to seek similar assistance from Myron and Prime Lending.

Scott S. 9/3/2014

Wonderful Experience!

I was referred to Myron by my real estate agent and I am so lucky to have connected with him. I had fair credit and was unsure of my ability to buy a home. After multiple failed attempts to get a loan officer to even speak to me, I tried Myron as a last resort. He turned my whole view around. Not only was he responsive and informative, he advised me of a few simple things to do to ensure I could not only get a home loan, but a great rate too. His communication was stellar, he was very informed and I felt that he really cared for us as clients, fighting to get us the best deal. Thanks to Myron, my husband and I have our dream home. We were even able to close early. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone in need of his services.

Jen P. 8/28/2014

My experience has only been positive

I worked with Myron over the course of almost 5 months. He was very understanding and very knowledgeable and instrumental in helping me get all my files in order to get my loan approved through underwriting. My experience has only been positive, yes we hit a few road blocks that tested me a few times, but nothing that Myron could not help me with in getting me back on line. I was very blessed and I give God all the glory for placing me with such a professional and knowledgeable associate of your team.


Extremely knowledgeable

Myron was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. He got my loan closed in less than 25 days. I was doing some remodel work so he helped walk me through multiple options on how to best structure my loan.


Very honest and professional

Myron and all the staff at Prime Lending were Great. Being this my first home, and not that knowledgeable about the process,they all were very honest and professional.I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks again to Myron and the staff at Prime Lending.

Michael G. 7/16/14

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