I wanted some time to

I wanted some time to share my experience with Prime Lending under the direction of Myron Chamberlain. First let me say that buying a new home can be stressful and I have purchase several over the years and remember the pain points of each. Today’s real estate market it is even worse. Once you have your agent and start your research you need to be Pre-Qualified to bid on homes. Following that you need speed and accuracy to close the deal. A mortgage company is essential to completing the transaction. For me, one of the bright spots has been working with Myron and his team. His people are knowledgeable, friendly, get back to you and are available. I was blown away with one of his loan originators, Shaylee who always delivered and never ran out of patience. Myron and group have answered every question, always providing a clear understanding which has enabled me to make best case decisions. His organization uses clear and easy technology, provides frequent updates and easy to use document upload sites. They also answer the questions you forgot to ask. What a breeze the process was, and I am so grateful that they were there for me. Talk to them and you will see for yourself!

Steve B

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