Refinance experience

Purchasing or refinancing a home is most certainly a monumental task involving many legal and monetary challenges to ultimately, please the homeowner(s). The staff at Primelending, whether it be Shaylee Nichols in prompting my wife or myself to sign a particular document, or arranging necessary financial records collection from us to eventually merit our capability in qualifying for our new mortgage was critical. Myron Chamberlain, the loan originator, was the catalyst for initiating this process. After discussing several options, we were able to agree upon a financially favorable plan that was suitable for my wife and myself.

Overall, a home purchasing or refinancing can be a daunting and intimidating event. The staff at Primelending assisted us greatly (especially during this exceedingly difficult time with the global pandemic), and both my wife and myself are testimonials toward their excellence and professionalism in “Home Loans Made Simple.”

Richard L