The Best!

Over the years we’ve had the need to deal with a few lending institutions in order to acquire real property. We’ve had a variety of experience through these dealings and have met and been exposed to a number of loan originators, processors and agents during the process. In my recent purchase of a condo I utilized the financial services of Myron Chamberlain at Prime Lending to accomplish this goal.  I’d never worked with Myron Chamberlain or Prime Lending before and right from the beginning I was impressed with his approach and customer service. Myron is very professional, capable, knowledgeable, and has a great ability to coordinate and communicate effectively, which is critical when processing a loan. One of the most impressive qualities and talents Myron possesses is his organization skills. He is extremely organized in his approach, process and methods to execute a loan. From start to finish Myron had everything organized and presented lending procedures in a professional yet simplified manner. Myron kept everyone involved in the transaction regularly informed and updated as to where we were on the timeline of events to close my loan on time.  If I ever have the need for any future lending services I will defiantly be contacting Myron Chamberlain at Prime Lending to accomplish such purchases. I will also be referring any family, friends and associates to seek similar assistance from Myron and Prime Lending.

Scott S. 9/3/2014